Acai Berry Tea

What is Acai Berry Tea?

Acai (pronounced ah-sah-EE) is a purple berry that comes from the Amazon basin of South America. It contains four times the healthful antioxidants as red grapes. It’s especially high in anthocyanins, which help lower bad (LDL) cholesterol. In addition, it contains heart-healthy omega fatty acids, which is unusual for a fruit.

To make the tea, freeze-dried acai powder or acai juice is combined with teas like green tea, black tea, rooibos tea and many herbal infusions. Most acai teas are herbal teas, with no caffeine, but be sure to check the label if this is a concern. 

Acai Berry Tea

Where can I buy Acai Berry Tea?

If you prefer to make your own tea, shop online at, which offers Stash Premium Acai Berry Herbal Tea Bags, 18-Count Boxes (Pack of 6) by Stash Tea Company by Stash Tea Company.  This is a fruity herbal blend that combines tart hibiscus flowers with natural acai berry, blackberry and blackcurrant flavors. It is also delicious served chilled over ice. This tea has hundreds of reviews, most of which are four or five star.

Republic of Tea also offers an acai berry tea that gets good reviews called Acai Green Tea (Superfruit Tea). Not only is Republic’s tea awesome, but it comes in unbleached tea bags without the strings and tags of other teas.

Revolution Tea sells an acai green tea that has fewer reviews but is also rated highly, called simply Acai Green Tea. According to one reviewer: “This is the best green tea combo I’ve had.”

If they have acai tea, support your local coffee shop.

How do I Brew Acai Berry Tea?

To savor the full flavor of the teas, bring fresh water to a rolling boil. Pour hot water directly over the tea bag in a pre-heated pot or cup. Brew 3-5 minutes, or to desired taste. One tea bag makes 8 ounces of hot tea. For iced tea, brew double strength.

 Acai Tea

How does Acai Berry Tea Taste?

The acai berry has a taste that’s said to be a combination of red wine and chocolate. Of course, there would also be the taste of the specific tea(s) mingling with these flavors too.


Are there warnings about Acai Berry Tea that I should heed?

One online reviewer of Stash Premium Acai Berry Herbal Tea Bags noted that her doctor gave her a strict warning against ANY kind of black Licorice. She says, “This tea and all black licorice products need clearly posted warnings. Not for consumption by anyone with high blood pressure, or on blood pressure medicines.” She claims almost all Stash teas contain licorice although it is not listed as an ingredient.

Should I Try Acai Berry Tea?

Want to feel or look younger? Would you like improved cardiovascular health? A sharper brain? Want to lower your cholesterol? Lose weight? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all that by simply drinking a few cups of tea a day? These are the claims of the makers of acai berry tea. They insist that regularly drinking tea made from the acai berry can help improve the circulation of blood in the body, strengthen your heart and help you lose weight.

Dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone calls acai a “super food.” While Dr. Oz and Oprah Winfrey have mentioned acai on their shows, neither one endorses specific products. The introduction of acai on such programs has dramatically increased the popularity of all acai products from berries to powders to tea.

No Conclusive Evidence

Remember that claims about the benefits of drinking acai berry tea have yet to be conclusively proven and established. They are still only marketing and sales pitches. Initially marketed as a weight loss helper, acai in all forms has also now been promoted as an anti-aging food and a tonic for general well-being. However, credible research evidence as proof of these health claims does not exist.

The website reminds us that “the jury is still out on whether there is something special about acai’s ability to shed excess pounds.”

In order not to overstate its healthfulness, we can conclude that acai berry tea is a nutritious food that can be placed alongside other berries that provide invaluable benefits to health and well-being. Just don’t count on the acai berry in any form as a magic elixir.