Brazilian Acai Bowl Recipe

The acai bowl is a popular meal in Brazil where the majority of acai berries are grown. Many Brazilians prefer a simpler version of the acai bowl than most Americans are familiar with. Here’s a Brazilian acai bowl recipe:

Brazilian acai bowl recipe:

Ingredients: acai puree, banana, and guarana syrup

  • 7oz frozen pureed acai (sometimes also referred to as “acai pulp” or “crushed acai”). 7oz is two of the packages that come in a Sambazon four pack. If you can’t find frozen acai at your local health or natural foods store try Amazon: Pure Acai Berry Puree Smoothie Packs
  • Two bananas, one to puree, one to slice and put on top
  • drizzle of guarana syrup, use as much or as little as you like
  • a splash of orange juice, apple juice, or similar (optional, makes things easier on the blender if the acai is not thawed).

Acai Bowl Instructions:

Puree the acai and one banana in a blender. Thaw the acai first if your blender can’t handle the frozen acai. Adding a little juice or water is another option to make it easier on your blender.Next, pour the puree in a bowl. Then drizzle with guarana syrup. Simple but good! Post in the comments if you know of any other Brazilian acai bowl recipes.

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